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 Room TypeWeekly Boarding Fee (Full Year)
Shared Bathroom in 3 Share Villa$199.00
Ensuite in 3 Share Villa with Garage$239.00
Ensuite in 2 Share Villa$239.00
Ensuite in 2 Share Villa with Garage$249.00
Self Contained Studio in Franklin House$344.00
Master Queen with ensuite A – Double or Single occupancy$279.00
Queen with Shared bathroom A – Single Occupancy (add $30 for couples)$204.00
Double with Shared Bathroom A – Single occupancy (add $30 for couples)$189.00
Single with Shared Bathroom A – King Single bed$179.00
Master Queen with ensuite B – Double or Single occupancy$269.00
Queen with Shared bathroom B – Single Occupancy (add $30 for couples)$194.00
Double with Shared Bathroom B – Single occupancy (add $30 for couples)$184.00
Single with Shared Bathroom B – King Single bed$179.00
Single with Shared Bathroom C – King Single bed$169.00
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